Sign up with MoveOn to help beat Bush; Earn a chance to win a DVD from me

If you want to help defeat Bush in November, is one of the best organizations out there (If you don't want to defeat Bush, you can skip this post. ;).

MoveOn is efficient. At last count, they had less than 10 paid staffers and no physical office. MoveOn is effective. They've raised millions of dollars for their candidates. MoveOn is big. They've got over 2 million members in the US now. That's as many as the Christian Coallition at its know, when it took over the Republican Party. And MoveOn Gets It. They used the internet to harness the distributed creativity of thousands of people to create anti-Bush campaign ads (more on that in a moment).

As a consequence of America's, ah, interesting election system, some states matter more than others in presidential elections. These are the "swing states" that could go to either the Republican or Democratic candidate. This year, there are about 17 swing states (including Minnesota). Most real campaign activity -- except fundraising -- will happen in these states. MoveOn's election plan focuses on these states, and they want more members in them.

So, if you're a resident of Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington State, West Virgina, or Wisconsin, sign up for MoveOn here:

I get credit for each of my swing state friends who sign up, and if I get 10 people to sign up I win a copy of the Bush in 30 Seconds Live DVD, which contains the 56 best home-made anti-Bush commericals under a Creative Commons license. But I already bought a copy to review for my site. Which means I'll have two, if I can get 10 people to sign up for MoveOn.

So...sign up for MoveOn and I will enter your name in a drawing to recieve my extra Bush in 30 Seconds DVD. You must be a new member of MoveOn to participate. Some restrictions apply, void in Canada.