Movable Type 3.0 and group blogs

Apparently, there is a great deal of discussion about the Movable Type 3.0 pricing structure. The "free" edition is now limited to three weblogs and just one author. To get 9 authors, you've got to pay $190 ($150 intro price). This effectively means the end of free and reasonably priced MT group blogs. For example, Crooked Timber has 15 co-bloggers plus multiple guest bloggers (now requires a "commerical" license for $700/$600 intro). BushOut.TV has 6 authors, not to mention being hosted as part of a MT installation with 10 users and more than 5 blogs.

Yes, I do not think we will be upgrading any time soon. I have no use for commerical MT support and there are not that many new features. And if I did want to upgrade, I would have to pay at least $150 to get what I currently have.

I don't want to demean the authors of MT. It's a great program, and their new pricing structure helps clarify what it can be used for commerically. But it's left a class of non-commerical, tech-savvy heavy users out in the rain.

sigh That's what you get for using proprietary software.