Let me get this straight

OK. Let me get this straight. The Bush administration used faulty intelligence from Ahmad Chalabi to justify the war on Iraq. Chalabi also pawned off his nonsense on other intelligence agencies, so when the US went looking to confirm the reports of Iraq's WMD program, other nations backed them up (any guesses on who came up with the forged uranium letter?). In the run up to the war, Chalabi also was a major source for the New York Times, helping to solidify backing for the war among the press, and hence the public.

All this happened even though it was painfully obvious that Chalabi was a huckster (The Prince counsels against ever trusting exiles) and the evidence coming from Hans Blix's inspections show that Iraq didn't have any WMDs.

Now, it turns out that Chalibi's intelligence guy was an Iranian agent. Iran, one third of the "Axis of Evil", manipulated George W. Bush into a war to destroy their greatest enemy, Saddam Hussien's Iraq.

Because of the Bush administration's lack of judgment, we went to war on a lie -- an Iranian lie -- and over 900 coalition troops have died, along with thousands of Iraqi civilians. Growing frustrated with their inability to find the WMDs, the Pentagon approved the use of harsh interrogation techniques supposedly reserved for terrorists. This order is implemented by untrained and unsupervised National Guard MPs. At least a few of them turn out to be sadists who torture the prisoners at Abu Gharib (and else where?) above and beyond their already cruel orders. Photos from the prison ricochet around the world, destroying the myth of American Exceptionalism. The country that once considered itself the shining City on the Hill is now ashamed.

To top it all off, a new intelligence report indicates that Al Qaeda recruitment is up and the terrorist group now has over 18,000 fighters.

Is that about right? Unbelievable. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the war would go this bad.