IRS files tax lien against state GOP chairman, wife

Associated Press

June 16, 2004 IRS0617

State Republican Party Chairman Ron Eibensteiner and his wife have had a $390,113 federal tax lien filed against them by the Internal Revenue Service.

The dispute, Eibensteiner said, relates to the calculation of capital gains for stock options he exercised in the Eden Prairie-based software company Stellent Inc., on which he once served on the board.

``I thought it would get resolved, and I think the position they're taking is unreasonable,'' said Eibensteiner of the IRS. ``My accountant and my attorney have a different view of it than the IRS.''

Although the lien was filed on May 6, Eibensteiner said he was unaware of the filing. The lien indicates that the dispute can be traced to the 2001 tax year.

Stellent, which was previously called IntraNet Solutions until being renamed in 2001, is publicly traded. Stellent identifies itself as ``a global provider of content management solutions.''