Zip Code Browser

Jason sends along this cool zip code browser (req. Java).

Be sure to try the zoom function.

Interesting zip codes:

10101: NYC

20202: Washington, D.C.

30303: Atlanta

40404: Berea, KT

50505: N/A

60606: Chicago

70707: Gonzales, LA

80808: Calhan, CO

90909: N/A

90101: Los Angeles

So you can see that having a "cool", memorable zip code corresponds somewhat to living in one of the US's biggest cities: New York, Atlanta, Chicago, or (breaking the pattern a little) LA. This is similar to the way the easy to dial area codes were given to big cities in the 1950s. If you want to find out how important your town was then, add up the numbers of your area code. New York's, 212, is the fastest possible to dial on the rotary telephone, followed by LA's 213.

But not necessarily, as some large cities didn't get their region's repeating zip code.