Family cat sails to France

Star Tribune: Family finds pet cat across the ocean
APPLETON, Wisconsin -- When Emily the cat went missing a month ago, her owners looked for their wandering pet where she had ended up before -- the local animal shelter.
But this week they learned Emily sailed to France.
Lesley McElhiney figures her cat went prowling around a paper warehouse near home and ended up in a cargo container that went by ship across the Atlantic Ocean and was trucked to Nancy, a city in northeastern France near the border with Germany.
Employees at a French lamination company found her in the container, checked her tags and called Emily's veterinarian back in the U.S., John Palarski.
"It probably had access to food and water,'' Palarski said. "I doubt if it went three weeks without it. There must have been a lot of mice on the boat. Even if it was in the cargo department, you would assume there was water down there. She had to have something.''

My cat Scout went missing a few times and we got him back by luck. Once he wandered several miles away and was being fed for a month by a woman, who finally looked at his tag and called us. But this is above and beyond!