Photo + GPS = cool

Dennis Forbes, a regular poster on the Joel on Software forum, has an interesting post about the application of EXIF headers in images and GPS. You could do a lot of cool things with a library of geo-coded photos.

I sent Dennis a message about two very interesting projects I saw at CodeCon 2005 that dealt with this topic.

First, there was Mapr, which isn't strictly GPS, but is a really cool application that works on top of Flickr. It finds place-named tags and puts them on a map. It's an interesting way to look at photos.

Second, there was Photospace which actually used GPS. The guy who wrote it biked around with a GPS taking photos and then coorelated the data using the timestamps on his photos. He could then plot the photos on a map, or search for photos within a certain distance of a zip code and stuff like that. It was VERY cool. Unfortunately, his demo seems to be down. But you can look at the slides and download the code.