Ruby for Java Programmers

Some years ago, I read that scripting languages were the cat's pajamas, and you should do as much of your work in them as possible because it's more productive. I knew Perl a little bit. Enough to know I didn't want to learn more. I knew PHP, but that was a web programming language (even more so then), and it also was very crusty. The two other main choices were Python and Ruby.

So, I went to the book store and I grabbed a couple Python and Ruby books. I flipped through them. My thought process went something like this: Python looks good. Clean syntax, lots of resources to learn from, big library. Ruby looks like Python. Except...sort of like Perl, too. Oy.'s from Japan and hardly anyone here uses it. Python it is!

And that's how I decided to become a Python programmer.

Flash forward a few years...I'm always kicking about ideas for websites and stuff in my head. But I don't have much time, so I want to be productive. Python would make a great language for this, I think, but how? I'm not going back to straight CGI programming.

Along comes this Ruby on Rails thing. Cool, I think. What a great idea. Where's the Python version?

After a while, I just gave up. Ruby it is.

And in that vein, some links.

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