Google Vacation

In December 2003, I went on vacation to Vieques, PR to visit friends and soak up the rays. It was beautiful there -- for a place that was 2/3rds bombing range for a long time, anyway. Because it was used for target practice by the Navy and Marines, Vieques is not as developed as other tourist destinations in the Caribbean. It retains its rural character. Wild horses roam the island, and chickens run around the streets of the two small towns. We were awakened by roosters every morning. Sadly, that's changing now that the military has ceased bombing. I hope that the Viequenses can profit from the new tourism while maintaining the character of the place.

I didn't go on a vacation this winter, but I've been doing some vicarious Google Vacationing with Google Maps. Here's Vieques (those white things are clouds). You can zoom in quite a bit.

You might also want to visit Old San Juan.