I caught a turtle today

One of the few good things about working out in Eden Prairie is that occasionally I see some wildlife. I work next to a small lake and creek (My office is actually built on the creek's wetlands, oh well).

Last night there was quite a bit of rain and the creek was gushing today. I went out to take a walk, and the lake was the highest I've ever seen it. As I was watching the water flow over the dam, I caught a splash in the corner of my eye. Fish! There were some carp fighting against the current. I spent some time enjoying the warm day and watching for another glimpse of the fish.

I started walking back, but stopped to take a look at the lower dam, which was totally submerged. A painted box turtle was crawling on the top of it against the current. He wasn't making a whole lot of progress, so I reached down and grabbed him out of the water. He was totally fearless. "You're supposed to crawl inside your shell!" I told him, but he would have none of that. I set him down on the concrete lip of the dam. He did a quick 180 and dove into the water (with the current this time).