Personal Rapid Transit links

Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) has bugged me for a while. It seems too good to be true -- or at least, it's proponents present it as too good to be true. It's ugly (elevated tracks in front of every building in town? Yeah, no thanks). And it often seems to be a stalking horse for the auto industry, much as buses were in the 1930s-1960s as privately operated rail transit networks were bought up, run down, replaced with buses, and dumped on the government.

Here's some links on PRT that I've dug up recently.

Gadgetbahn by Aaron Naparstek

Personal Rapid Transit is Bogus by "prtskeptic" aka Ken Avidor

Let's Get Real About Personal Rapid Transit by Ken Avidor in Light Rail Now

PRT - A Cargo Cult of the Post-Petroleum Era by Ken Avidor (worth it for the illustration alone)

Personal Rapid Transit - Cyberspace Dream Keeps Colliding With Reality at Light Rail Now

PRT is a Joke by Ken Avidor (a portal of sorts)