Twin Cities Code Camp: REST and its Discontents

I signed up for a slot at the Twin Cities Code Camp (Nov. 11, 2006) to talk about REST. Please come! It's pretty Microsoft centric, so it'd be nice to see some Ruby and Java people there. However, there are a number of talks I'm interested in seeing, so there will be plenty for us non-Microsofties:

Here's the abstract for my talk.

REST and its Discontents
Representational State Transfer or REST has gained a lot of mind share as an alternative to SOAP-based web services. REST describes a resource-based architecture that mirrors the web. "It's just XML over HTTP" is a common refrain. But as you did deeper, REST becomes more complicated. Debates about the "right" and "wrong" ways to do REST get hot and heavy fast. What are the advantages and disadvantages of REST? Who's doing REST right and who's doing it wrong? We'll cut through the chaff, and show you how you can use REST in your web services.