33-No Fun? (part 2)

The City Pages has posted their account of the shut down of the 331's live music.

Two things struck me about this -- first of all, the Como Avenue Jug Band is in some small way responsible for the citations, as they were playing the night the inspector dropped by to enforce Minneapolis's anti-fun policies. What's more, I was there!

The other thing is that the reason this is happening now is that the city has switched to a new inspection system, and the 331 just got a new inspector:

[331 manager Jarret] Oulman claims that, until recently, he'd had little problem with the liquor-licensing department. "When I had the big events, the outside events, I'd go down, apply for my permit, and then totally separately, I'd write to Diane [Hofstede, Third Ward councilwoman]. She'd tell me what her concerns were, things that were useful and insightful, and I'd address those with her." But then he started working with a new inspector, Dan Niziolek. "We didn't have individual territories until September 1; before that, inspectors were city-wide," explains licensing inspector Niziolek, whose newly assigned beat includes the 331 Club. "Another inspector passed me a complaint that burlesque was being presented, and I went to investigate it on September 16. There was burlesque and amplified music, both."

Dan Niziolek? Ah, that explains things. Until last year, he was our worthless Ward 10 city councilman. How's that saying go again? "Those who can't govern, inspect"?