MinneDemo in the PiPress

Leslie Brooks Suzukamo: MinneDemo: 'Woodstock for geeks': Techies gather at a Minneapolis bar, hoping to dazzle one another with software ideas.

Nice! This ran on the front page of the Business section, along with one of my photos.

Crowd for Doomtree Reactive Video demo

Networking among local techies isn't new. The Minnesota High Tech Association, NetSuds and The Collaborative all sponsor events that promote the state's technology industries, which have a combined annual payroll of $8.4 billion, according to the high tech association.
But those events require polish and stiff entrance fees. MinneDemo is a reaction against that.
MinneDemo's organizers -- Luke Francl, Dan Grigsby and Ben Edwards -- said their event grew out of a desire to create a network for software developers that was less focused on impressing financial backers and more "true to the technology," according to Grigsby....
[T]he MinneDemo organizers believe their showcases can unleash the passion of local developers.
"You can't buy a spot at MinneDemo," Francl said. "You've got to earn it."