REST and Web Services links

I've been doing some research into REST and web services. Here's some links I found helpful.

Paul Prescod: Common REST Mistakes (Date unknown)

Sam Ruby: Shades of Grey (Sept 2002)

Sam Ruby: Vacant Space (Sep 2004)

Mark Pilgrim: RESTagra (Sep 2004)

Sam Ruby: The Last Battlefield (Feb 2005)

Dare Obasanjo: Misunderstanding REST: A look at the Bloglines, and Flickr APIs (Apr 2005)

Sam Ruby: AJAX Considered Harmful (Mar 2005)

Mark Baker: Accidentally RESTful (May 2005)

Richard Monson-Haefel: JAX-RPC is Bad, Bad, Bad! (Jun 2005)

Steve Loughran and Edmund Smith (HP): Rethinking the Java SOAP Stack (pdf) (Jul 2005)

Joe Gregorio, How to create a REST Protocol (Dec 2005)

Don Box: Pragmatics (Feb 2006)

Nic Ferrier (On LAMP): Using REST with AJAX (Feb 2006)