IRS: Do My Taxes, Send Me a Bill!

Economist Austan Goolsbee hits one of my major pet peeves today in the New York Times. Why doesn't the IRS send you a bill?

As long as you don't itemize (which Goolsbee puts at 40% of Americans), the IRS knows how much you make, they know how much intrest income you made, and they can guess (or do they know?) from last year's return how many dependants you have. The IRS should just send you a bill (or a rebate). If their assumptions are wrong, of you want to try to do your own taxes, no problem. Just fill out the forms yourself.

Goolsbee even says this would save the IRS money, because there will be less tax errors for them to correct.

IRS, send me a bill!

P.S.: Actually, I'm itemizing for the first time this year (mortgage interest!) so this wouldn't be any good for me. But it would've saved me hours upon hours for the last few years.