Vote Yes for better roads and transit

You may have noticed the VOTE YES banner I've put in my sidebar.

On November 7, I encourage all my readers to vote YES on the transportation amendment. This will require that all money from the motor vehicle sales tax goes for roads and transportation. Currently a large portion of this money is being directed to the general fund. You can tell by the way so many of our road projects are delayed and our infrastructure is deteriorating. A YES vote is a vote to fix that. It's also (finally!) a vote for a dedicated source of funds for transportation.

The Star Tribune endorsed the amendment in a great editorial today: Vote yes on transportation: Crosstown failure reveals a state seriously short of money.

The key point:

This would not be a tax increase. It would be a restoration of $300 million a year for transportation and a decision to hold the Legislature to its 1981 intent not to divert motor vehicle sales tax revenues to nontransportation uses. In all, $6 billion has been diverted over two decades.


Transportation projects require steady, predictable, long-term funding. By failing to provide it, the Legislature has jeopardized the state's competitive position.

Let's fix this. VOTE YES!