Pre-Guy Kawasaki Meetup

Graeme Thickins is organizing a meetup event before Guy Kawaski's (sold out) talk on "The Art of the Start" at the U of M on Friday.

I'll be there!

Anyone who has a ticket to the Guy Kawasaki talk at the U on Friday --or even those who don't (you might still be able to get in) -- isinvited for a Pre-Guy Schmooze in the lobby of the auditorium at the McNamara Alumni Center. For details, see and
Also, if you're interested in seeing him play hockey, he told me his two games on Friday are at 8:30 and 3:30 (the Pond Hockey tournament isat Lake Nokomis). Don't know the name of his team, but there can't betoo many from Mountain View or Cupertino... :-) And the tournamentcontinues Sat, so he should be playing then, too.
Graeme Thickins