MinneDemo 3 photos and links

Well, another MinneDemo has come and gone (the next one is December 6, by the way). I thought it was largely successful. The demos were more polished than in previous events and we had a couple of companies demo'ing stuff publicly for the first time. However, it was rather impossible to hear and I think we might need a bigger screen. The social aspect of the event went well, though.

I had a great time, and then came home to read Paul Graham saying it's a waste of time. So that was fun.

There's some photos on Flickr if you want to check 'em out.

Some blog reviews:

Graeme Thickins: "You could feel the energy, the entrepreneurial juices flowing. You know we have something special going on here in Minnesota when you experience one of these BarCamp events (which we call Minnebar and Minnedemo) -- and when you see how we keep attracting more and more of the important players from the community with every meeting."

Phil Crissman: "The common wisdom, for tech startups, is to move to Silicon Valley ( 1 2 3 ). I can understand the reasoning behind that, but I guess I'd have to put myself in the camp that wants to believe that's not always necessary -- mostly because I'm interested in startups, and I'm not looking to move right away. From that perspective alone, it was cool to see the local tech startups, and especially cool to see the dozens of others who signed up to demo, but were cut off (only 6 demos due to time restrictions... 6 was plenty for one evening, though)."

Bill McGuire: "The turnout at MinneDemo was great! At 300+ geeks, in what could have been mistaken as St. Paul's largest gay bar. Free beer tickets were given to the the first 100 guests and they did their best to talk over the speakers like they were nothing more than a $25 warm up band."