FanChatter on the Jumbotron

One of the things I've been learning a lot about at Slantwise is mobile development (mostly sending and receiving MMS and SMS messages, but we're starting to dabble in mobile web development).

It's been exciting. I've worked on a couple mobile sites, contributed to the open source MMS parsing library MMS2R, helped extract code for the Slantwise email fetcher (more on this later!), and presented on all this at Ostrava on Rails.

FanChatter is a product of all this. It's a microblogging site targeted at sports fans. You can post on the web, or from your phone or email.

And tomorrow, we're testing it at the Metrodome during the Bison-Gopher game. People can send in photos during the game, and we'll be picking the best to display up on the Metrodome.

Of course, we needed some examples to show off this "See Yourself Here" so people will know how it works. So we're using this photo of me and Jenny at the Gopher/RPI hockey game last week.

So pretty cool. We're testing out a site I helped build, and I'm going to be on the Jumbotron!