Zombie Pub Crawl: 18 hours later

Yesterday was the 3rd annual Zombie Pub Crawl.

My deal was a biker that got hit by a car. I made some disgusting fake scabs with gelatin and stuck real rocks in them. (Later in the night I learned that pulling gravel out of fake scabs hurts almost as much as pulling it out of real ones.)


Disgusting elbow wound Disgusting knee wound

Jenny got her wound on too:


I got a hair cut from my friend Garrick. He did a good job but I was itchy all night long after that. Hair really sticks to blood.

Garrick cuts my hair

Some other good pictures I took:

Kristen is zombie chef

Impromptu Thriller dance:

Impromptu "Thriller" dance

Claudia as Zombie Abe Lincoln:

Claudia is Zombie Abe Lincoln

More photos at the zombie pub crawl 2007 tag on Flickr.