Backing up photos while traveling

I'd like to find a good way to back up my photos off my camera while I'm in Europe this summer. Ideally, I'd like to backup from the memory card directly to a thumb drive without using a computer.

Apple makes an iPod Camera Connector that I thought would be perfect, but it got pretty negative reviews (it's slow and the camera can run out of batteries while transfering) and it doesn't work with the iPod nano which is what I have.

Jeff Carlson and Glenn Fleishman write about the problem in Macworld: Back up photos on the road.

The Digital Foci Photo Safe looks promising but at $149 for 40GB is kind of expensive (for more than I need -- I anticipate needing no more than 4 or 5 GB) and it weighs .6 lb which adds up when you consider the rest of the crap I'll be carrying around.

If anyone has suggestions, email me: