Advanced Rails Recipes

I'm happy to report that my contribution to Advanced Rails Recipes edited by Mike Clark has been published. If you buy the beta book, you can read my recipe: "Receiving E-mail Reliably via POP or IMAP."

It's pretty cool to get this published. It's my first dead-trees publication. Yes, of course I will be happy to autograph your copy. ;-)

The story behind the writing to the recipe is an interesting one. I found out that my recipe had been accepted for the book just before I left for Europe for my 6-week long trip. The deadline was early July, so I had to write the whole thing at internet cafes in various states of decrepitude all over Europe.

Thank god for poorly secured Windows computers! Without them, I wouldn't have been abled to install Putty and log into a server to test out the code I was writing about. Another challenge was trying to write a technical document on Google Docs with foreign keyboards revolting against me like French peasants. Another fun fact: Copying and pasting in Google Docs crashes IE 6. Oops!

Despite these challenges, I got it done on time. In the end, the book was delayed, so I probably didn't need to sweat it. But I think it was worth it.