Supply and demand

Aaron Mentele links to Greg Storey complaining that it is hard to find good people.

Greg writes:

As an employer of a growing number of full-time and freelance workers I can tell you that it's becoming increasingly difficult to find good people. I have had several conversations with persons of top stature in the web design business who are of the same opinion. Their own businesses' have been slightly crippled this year due to work demand vs. human supply. Even non-web specific companies are having difficulty finding solid talent.

It seems to me there is a pretty simple solution. If you are too busy, raise your prices. If you are having trouble finding people, pay them more. Give them the perks they would get at Google or Apple or Fogcreek. Make your working environment attractive and productive. Give them a stake so that if they perform well and the company is successful, they are rewarded.

Another options is to hire less experienced people and train them up and then -- this is key -- give them raises as they become more experienced.

In the comments, Greg says:

As for your recruitment model, by the time you trained half of those people and improved their skill set they will seek employment elsewhere for more money. There has to be a tight balance that I don't believe can be managed on a large scale, otherwise your business turns into a vocational school.

I know some people would leave for various reasons, and other trainees would not work out. But wouldn't having a decent policy on promotion make all the difference here?

I don't want to rip on Greg too much here. His heart's in the right place about training ("Any employer who doesn't actively encourage continuing education and mentorship is an idiot and/or a ruthless profiteer.") and it is hard to find good people (they all have jobs).

But this just frustrates me. I get tons of recruiter spam on a daily basis asking me if I want to apply to their job at their East Jesus Nowhere cube farm, for a pay cut, and, oh yeah, no relocation assistance. You're having trouble finding people? No shit?!