Time to vote

Today's the day. Super Tuesday. For the first time in a long time, Minnesotans will actually have some say in who their Presidential nominees are.

I've been undecided for a long time. This may come as a surprise to people who know how active I was in 2004. I got behind Howard Dean early, when he had no chance, because those were dark days and he inspired me. I worked hard and gave money.

In 2008, I've paid attention, but I haven't gotten involved. I've watched as the candidates jockeyed for position. I've been alternatively upset or happy with all of them.

I liked John Edwards platform, and his mark on the race was much-welcomed. The media shafted him (compare Edwards's coverage to Guilliani, who did much worse), but this is life.

I like Obama's optimism and spirit of change. I like his foreign policy. I don't like his health care plan, and I especially don't like how he attacks Hillary Clinton from the right on health care (another example).

I like Hillary Clinton's experience and health care plan. I question her judgment -- or at least her political calculation. I despise her advisors (Mark Penn is an anti-union thug). I don't like her foreign policy as much as Obama's.

So I've got things I like and dislike about both candidates.

But now it's time to vote so I have to choose. Bill Clinton has said a vote for Obama is a roll of the dice. I feel like rolling those dice.