SXSW in six words

Paul Ford: Six-Word Reviews of 763 SXSW Mp3s

Minnesota bands:

Artifact Shore, "Fun Is Near": Droning, but Pitchfork'll give it a "6." ●●

Cloud Cult, "Chain Reaction": Self-indulgent production, some fine moments. ●●●●

Kid Dakota, "10,000 Lakes": Haunting, yes -- but haunting like Caspar. ●●●

Knife World, "SunBeam": Oh great, they're yowling like cats. ●

Mystery Palace, "Stepchild": Bent circuits, buried vocals, works well. ●●●●

Ouija Radio, "RED EYE FLY": Red eye removal renders this obsolete. ●

Paul Metzger, "Bright Red Stone": Nearly ten minutes of experimental banjo? ●●

Solid Gold, "Bible Thumper": It was gloomy at the disco. ●●●