W(e are )here

You should come to my art show on Friday, April 25 at Intermedia Arts! It's called W(e are )here and is all about mapping and data visualization.

Paul Cantrell and I developed an interactive Google Maps mashup called Where We're coming From that helps people visualize their trip to Intermedia Arts. That's just a small part of the show, but it's exciting to have it publically exhibited.

Here's the write-up:

Intermedia Arts and Solutions Twin Cities team up to creatively explore the intersections of communication, technology, and aesthetics. This unique multi-media exhibit invites you to explore and interact with the information around you through data visualization, artistic expression, and interactive installations.
Recent developments in technology are expanding the ways we communicate the concept of "where." Online mapping and info-graphic applications are allowing artists, amateurs, and armchair cartographers to chart the intangibility of "place," etching their own impressions, emotions, and experiences onto the physical world around them. Embracing this new paradigm, the artists in this exhibit are charting unique territories while working towards the development of an emerging visual language that connects place, moment, and emotion across varied scales. Where is expanding. W(e are )here.

The exhibit runs March 31-May 9, but the exhibit party is April 25 from 7-11pm at Intermedia Arts (map). There will be food, drink, music and interactive exhibits. Hope to see you there!