Bike links

I'm rearing to start biking but the weather's not really cooperating (yeah, I'm a big wuss about riding in bad weather).

Here's some links.

First off, I was saddened to learn that Sheldon Brown (wikipedia entry) passed away recently. His website is one of the best bike resources on the 'net, and I've spent a lot of time reading it.

Dave Moulton's Bike Blog. Thoughts on cycling from a retired frame builder. His post on What to wear inspired the below links.

Bike Commuters. A community for those of us who bike to work -- the nerds of bike culture.

Bike Snob NYC has a humorous look at bike culture in New York, and a distain for the excesses of some of the fixie enthusiasts.

Bike Knickers. Pants that look good, so you can wear them at work, but don't cramp your style (read: junk) while riding.

Portland Bike Forums: non dorky bike pants

Fixed Gear Gallery: Knicker Review

NYT: Pants in a Twist? Try Some Knickers

Bike rides. I want to do more, longer rides this year. Paying money to do so is an excellent way to ensure motivation. Here's some coming up (longer list).