MinneBar and MinneDemo in the news

Thomas Lee at the Star Tribune wrote an article about MinneBar and MinneDemo today:

Casual mixers put spotlight on local tech talent

Beer was flowing but no one seemed to be drinking much.
That's what Mike O'Connor remembers from a past MinneDemo event, a quarterly schmooze fest where tech geeks -- programmers, software developers, entrepreneurs -- swap ideas and show off their latest work.
Alcohol consumed is usually a good party metric. But there was more gabbing and less gulping this time.
"I think the magic ingredients [to Minne-Demo are] good people to talk to, interesting things to talk about, and beer," said O'Connor, a veteran entrepreneur and consultant. "The beer is more of a signpost, the clue to how people should interact." That is, informally.

Overall the article is pretty positive, but it hightlights how far we have to go in order to build up our tech ecosystem. MinneBar is a "must attend" event, but not many companies have come out of it.