How I Stumped Christian Lander

I've been a fan of Stuff White People Like ever since my friend Joey linked to it last February so when I saw that SWPL author Christian Lander was coming to Minneapolis I decided to go (seriously, though, Christian, why save MPLS for the third leg of the tour? This is, like, the whitest place on earth).

Christian's talk about his extremely fast rise to quasi-fame and the inspiration for his book was really interesting. He's a genuinely hilarious person. The UMN Bookstore recorded it as a podcast, so you listen to it if you're interested (AAC).

He typically stays "in character" on the site, so I really enjoyed hearing him talk about some of his experiences that backstop the SWPL entires, as well as his more philosophical take on what the site is trying to say.

After talking about that for a while, he did a reading. Since he'd just done an interview with MPR, he read the entry on Public Radio.

This got me wondering about the conflict we're having between MPR and the St. Paul LRT line. What happens when Public Radio conflicts with Public Transportation That Is Not A Bus (#147)?

So, I asked that in the Q&A.

"Impossible! How could that happen? What?! Are they fighting buses? This is not happening!" Then he put his head down for several seconds.

It was hilarious.

So anyway, he signed my book "Fuck NPR".

"Fuck NPR"