Arnold Schwarzenegger, bike salmon

Felix Salmon (no relation to bike salmon) notes Arnold Schwarzenegger’s reckless cycling style, and observes that assholes on bikes aren’t cyclists, they’re assholes:

Next time your blood boils at the sight of a suicidal bike salmon endangering his own life and that of everybody else on the road, then, don’t assume that it’s some devil-may-care hipster. Instead, there’s probably a good chance that it’s some overachieving alpha male with a much larger ego than could ever be healthy.

In other words, it’s exactly the same kind of person who will merrily cut you up on the highway while driving his brand-new Maserati. It’s not cyclists who salmon aggressively. It’s assholes.

I agree, but the other thing reckless cyclists can be is inexperienced. I was recently riding near a couple out for a ride on a nice day. They kept blowing through stop signs and red lights. They did not ride aggressively, they just rode like idiots.