The future of work: What happens when talent trumps capital?

The big, profitable companies with the most urgent need for tech talent are the ones least able to access it. 

Those that failed to spot this trend early and lack a native culture of technical competence have very little hope of hiring the talent they need to survive, no matter how much they offer to pay.

This is a consequence of the low unemployment rate for engineers.

The first function of unemployment (which has always existed in open or disguised form) is that it maintains the authority of master over man. The master has normally been in a position to say: “If you do not want the job, there are plenty of others who do”. When the man can say: “If you do not want to employ me, there are plenty of others who will,” the situation is radically altered.

The Times, 1943 (via Job Guarantees and social democracy)

Nothing lasts forever, but for now, it is a good time to be in software.