Guthrie Bike Parking "not a priority"

In an article about how venues are emphasizing bike parking, one stands out in not giving a damn:

Bike parking is not a priority for all institutions, however. Although the Guthrie Theater has a prime location on the Mississippi River bikeway, only a few streetside poles hold two bikes each, with overflow going to signposts. (An additional rack is located in the parking ramp.) Quinton Skinner, communications director, said that’s more than enough, since most patrons come to the theater by car or light rail.

“It’s not high up on the list because the majority of our patrons are not really clamoring for it,” said Skinner. “There seems to be an equilibrium that’s working. But in the future if there’s a sense that there’s a need, this is a place that will respond to that accordingly.”

I noticed this when I biked to JRubyConf. There was almost no bike parking. People were locked to the new parking meter posts (illegal and futile, as they don’t have tops).