Why your company should have a blog

Back when blogging was new and interesting, it seemed like everyone needed a blog. Blog engines and blogging startups flowered and people obsessed with their blogrolls, feed reader analytics, and trackbacks. Blogging was hailed as a democratizing force, or at least a way to build an audience.

And for some, it was. But the furor died down, and for most individuals and companies, the blog never translated into an audience. Social media’s push model made it more attractive and the hype moved there. And yet, the blog soldiers on. Is it worth blogging any more?

Unless you’re already noteworthy, people won’t care about your blog. They won’t follow it for updates. So, why have one?

For companies, your blog is a critical part of your marketing. Not because people will hang on your every word – they won’t – but because the easy-to-understand format of the blog makes it simple to determine how active your company is.

When I evaluate a product, I check out the home page to try to understand the value. Is this something I’m interested in? If so, I look at the features to learn more. Then I check out the pricing to see if I can afford it. But finally, I look for the company blog.

The blog tells me if this company really exists. If the blog is updated recently and frequently, it’s much less likely to be a tiny side project or some failing startup’s abandoned pivot. An active blog reassures me: this company is alive and working on making their product better.

And that is why your company should have a blog.