Number square template

We’ve been playing card games with our daughter lately (her current favorites are For Sale and Sushi Go), and she’s gotten a lot of practice adding up points (something I’m terrible at…having your six year old do mental arithmetic faster than you is rather humbling).

I wanted to show her how a number square can be used to help learn addition, subtraction, and multiplication, so I searched for one online. After one too many ad-ridden sign-up-to-download site, I got frustrated and just made my own. I whipped up a quick grid in Omnigraffle in less time than it took to sort through the Pintrest spam in the search results.

example of the number squre in use

Here’s what it looks like for multiplication, including my daughter’s addition to the rules of multiplication: HAVE FUN

When putting this post together, I realized I can’t spell “commutative” 🤦‍♂️

The PDF is available for download. It includes three versions: a 0-11 grid, a 1-12 grid, and a blank grid. I hope someone else finds it useful.